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Who We Are

The Riot Club is a business that provides many services addressing companies’ and clients’ needs in different business spheres and areas, especially regarding the finances of a business which is often a tricky part and represents a hurdle for CEOs and senior managers.

The History of the Company

The Riot Club was formed six years ago, when Kenneth Edwards got the idea to help other businesses by taking care of the “administrative” part of a company which sometimes represents a dead end for managers since it requires great care and time, leaving less space to focus on growth and customer care, and sometimes, all of the financial and legal issues block every form of creativity, and we all know that creativity pushes the business forward.

Edwards was a talented individual who once started a business that went bankrupt since he lacked the support from many sides. After his business failure, he started to think about things that kept businesses back and what it was that killed their creativity and motivation. It turned out that the biggest obstacle has always to do something with finances and tiresome regulations. He decided to take matters into his own hands and slowly started to build a business idea which was supposed to assist big, small, and start-up companies in the financial and legal aspects of the companies. One of the first businesses that trusted him, are the guys from topratedcasinosites.co.uk - they have great expirience reviewing online casinos and casino games, but not so much in accounting.

Kenneth Edwards


Financial Models

Financial Models

Financial models represent the foundation of a company, and it all starts from there. The realization of ideas and decisions derive from the financial concept. In order to make the concept coherent, more efficient with accurate future forecasts, companies turn to different professionals to design the financial model for them. We are one of those professionals, and we can develop a financial model- custom-made for your company which can streamline your budget allocations. We are happy to maintain and update the financial model for you as well as interpret it in order to achieve 100% efficiency. The financial model is an integral part of business decisions, and it displays the impact of business decisions so it helps senior managers to recognize the right path that a company should take.

Tax Filing

Tax Filing

Taxes and filing of taxes are the two most dreaded things in the USA when it comes to finances, especially because they are time-consuming and a little frightening in nature. Most people do not know the many tips and tricks to use different tax benefits, so they end up overpaying the IRS. We can fix that! Our team of experts can help you finding the loops in the Tax Law which can be turned to your benefit. There are so many different programs within the IRS granted under the law that could be used to help you keep some extra money.

Not only do we help companies and corporate businesses, but individuals who struggle with the annual tax ordeal are welcome as well. We will do your tax filing instead of you and use every opportunity to save you some extra bucks.

Going International

Going International

Since globalization has really taken over shaping the businesses and markets anew in a world where nothing is out of reach, many businesses decide to expand their services to other countries as well. If you think about opening one or more offices abroad, we are here to assist you with the regulatory obstacles and compliance with international laws. Some countries have special requirements for internationals, so it would be good to enter foreign territory prepared. We will brief you on everything there is to know!

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Everyone knows that Investor Relations are an important segment since it deals with informing and communicating with investors who want to be in the loop with every step the company takes. We can take over the burden from you, providing your investors with detailed information about the company and how much was accomplished.



Bookkeeping is one of the accounting practices which help keep track of financial transactions. Nowadays, different software supports bookkeeping activities which lead to more accurate results and records. If you are tired of the old fashioned way and would rather focus on the company’s productivity instead of the finances, then, let us take care of your bookkeeping duties which will no longer rob you of your time, making you room to pursue other activities.

Tax Advisory

Tax and Audit Preparation and Tax Advisory

Well, maybe individuals can avoid audits, but businesses and companies will get a knock on the door from the IRS sooner or later. Therefore, it is important to keep your company’s tax records intact and clean from any inaccuracies. Tax returns are also our field of expertise so you can rely on us for that delicate service as well and keep the IRS way from your company.

We can also advise you on your tax return policies and what is the best way to deal with your taxes. We can help you craft a plan regarding tax liabilities.

Report Writing

Report Writing

Reports are a substantial part of every business and companies have to write them on an annual basis, and some companies include quarterly reports as well. These reports contain information that marks the financial performance and activities done during the year or quarter, and they are supposed to be shared with the shareholders enabling them an insight into the company’s progress. In order to help you, we simply create a dashboard that enables easier access, faster data processing. In that way, you can communicate the report to key investors and other parties in the easiest possible way.

Thanks to the technology today, we are able to streamline all relevant data into one comprehensive report, a process which does not require particular programming skills, and you and your team will be able to operate the dashboard with zero effort.

Meetings of the Board

Well, every company tries to appear as professional as possible, so the Board meetings are actually a big deal in US companies. In order to make the best presentations and elicit the best data for participants, many companies spend a lot of time on deciding, so we decided to give them a hand by offering our full support in this aspect as well. We can make sure that your presentations stay in line with the targets of the company and that they are precise and concise hitting the nail on the head.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

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