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Aaron T. Torres



Sean Eaton



Vicki S. Bates

Director, Strategy & Development


Kathleen Sturgis

CFO Consultant


Herman Campos

Manager, Accounting

Our team’s key individuals and employees that make sure that your business (as well as ours) runs smoothly regarding the financial and accounting aspect which helps you create a better plan for your company are the following five miracle workers. The company was founded by two partners who shared the same business idea and who joined their forces to transform their ideas into a flourishing business.

Aaron T. Torres - Co-Founder

Mr. Torres worked for as an accountant for ten years for big corporations before he decided to become a business owner himself. With a degree in accounting, he noticed that more and more people were looking for freelancers to handle their business. After several projects as a freelancer, he decided to open the Riot Club after he calculated the benefits of such a business.

Sean Eaton - Co-Founder

Mr. Eaton, a business mind alike, partnered up with Torres to found the all-around accounting and financial assistance “package” that would be relevant for the majority of start-up, small, and big businesses. His degree in PR helped him to promote the business successfully beyond the state borders.

Vicki S. Bates - Director, Strategy & Development

The Director of the Strategy and Development Department makes sure that all aspects and risks are taken into account when it comes to implementing different strategies. She and her team conduct different analyses and assessments in order to create the future path of the company. Bates has years fo experience in strategy drafting since she worked for two large corporations for almost a decade.

Herman Campos - Manager, Accounting

Our accounting manager makes sure that the daily accounting activities are conducted in accordance with the company’s policy, which he later uses to create and draft financial reports. He is also responsible for the implementation of accounting methods and policies.

Kathleen Sturgis - CFO Consultant

Sturgis has a degree in finances, and she makes sure to advise our CFO on different financial decisions assisting him in running an efficient financial team in order to keep the financial processes at the highest possible level.

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